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The Green Visions Plan Today

The research and analysis of the Green Visions Plan is done. This extraordinary effort is documented on our publications page here. These documents are available as a reference source for any interested parties.

The online tools developed to share information from the plan are maintained here. These tools are incoporated into the grant application process for the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy and are used by park planners and advocates around the region. They include an innovative "what-if" tool that calculates the service area and demographics of potential park sites. There is also a "what-if" tool for restoration of native habitats that calculates which target species would potentially be supported by any restoration. Finally, the tool includes layers describing the results of our region-wide water quality monitoring. A tutorial to get started with the tools is found at this link.

The USC research team continues to support these online tools. Active research and tool development may be reinitiated in the future as needed and funded to meet the needs of the region.

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